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The Lost Dakota Tailsection

Picture of the tail section of the RAAF Douglas C-47 Dakota, callsign VH-CIJ, as it rests at -25m at Site Six in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, discovered by the wreckdivers.tv team in 2012 after it disappeared in a tropical storm on September 11, 1945

Site Six Map

This is a side scan sonar map showing pieces of wreckage and how they are spread out over Site Six, and some annotation that where done in the early stages of our explorations. Kasper also did an excellent and absolutely necessary job joining each section by rope, saving us enormous amounts of time in navigation later on, […]

A Glimmer of Hope

An RAAF Douglas C-47 transport aircraft with nineteen on board, which disappeared minutes after takeoff from Milne Bay in New Guinea in September 1945, may have been re-located. An Australian tour boat operator, as well as Norwegian and Danish divers, has found aircraft wreckage in 20 metres of water in the same location where oil, […]


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